GEC program requirements

To receive the GEC, you must demonstrate that you understand the underlying concepts of global engineering and the process by which those concepts can be implemented. You do this by completing the following components then submitting documentation through our online portal. Portfolios must be submitted by May 1 of the year you graduate.


Specific courses offered by your university fulfill these requirements. Full details for your school are available through the registration portal.

Introduction to Global Engineering or equivalent

A discipline-specific course covering global engineer topics

Project-based course or activity that explores one or more of the topics from the Introduction to Global Engineering course

Online submission of

  • Transcripts or official record of completed courses with minimum grade of 75%
  • Project documentation or project

Co-curricular/experiential activities

120 hours of practical experience where you use global engineering skills in the real-world. (e.g. reviewing international procurement strategies for a work-term employer, performing a project sustainability audit , volunteering with an organization addressing poverty).

Online submission of

  • Detailed log demonstrating 120 hours of experiential global engineering practice
  • Two (2) reference letters

Written assignments

Introduction to Global Engineering essay (1500 words)

Discipline-specific reflection (1-2 pages)

Three (3) experiential global education practice reflections (1-2 pages each)

Online submission of

  • All five (5) written reflections